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May 14, 2017


Have a happy day. Don't do anything useful.


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This morning, my son hugged me, and I told him was the Mother of the moment, a "trans-parent".

He said, "That's funny; I can see you just fine."

A blog-commenter in the making!

Happy Mother's Day to Mrs. Blog, Mrs. Blog, Jr. (Rob's lady) and to all the blogophyte moms for all that you do...make the family take you out for ALL THREE MEALS today!

I'm being taken out for a special lunch. I wonder what toy I'll get in my Happy Meal this year?

@nursecindy, if they let you get your own baggie of fries, that means they REALLY love you!

Happy Mothers Day to all! I made bruch for my mon this morning. It was... interesting. I think it ended up being the Soufflé of Evil.

As St Louis Cardinals broadcaster Mike Shannon once put it...

To all you mothers out there,

Happy Birthday.

It should be in all our mother minds that we remember the births of our children ' ouch!!
Thanks for making us forget.

Off the subject, but Dave has the same birthday as tom cruise.

Oh yeah, less is definitely more.

Many of us have mothers who stepped on a rainbow years ago. Today is a time to reflect back on the good times we had.
And only the good times.

Like when she patiently plucked a zillion splinters from my thigh... not all banisters are for sliding down!! Ouch!

Yes! I enjoyed doing almost nothing all day, my kids are great.

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