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May 12, 2017


Unfortunately I have to give a bad news: a group(!) took 250 kg. High Tech Anthrax and a kind of virus (it directly attacks to P450) into your country.
That means they can exterminate at least two big cities.
There are many person and organisations who interests of that. But I want to give them to bona fide people like you because I never want that people hurt/suffer. I can give all details (connections, names, addresses, plane's tail nr) about this matter, if you interest (just at a reasonable amount).


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Is the group accepting nominations for the two cities?

Again, asking for a friend

The flip side of tech: morons can type too.

Sounds legit.

The scam stays the same, but the only the theme changes.

Can I nominate one of the cities for extermination? My pick would be Newark, NJ

Loco -- Anthrax would improve Newark

How can I become a bona fide person?

Hey, I'm a bona fide person!

*updates resume*

Unless behemoth erections are guaranteed it probably a hoax.

I have a certified letter stating that I am a person!

Wow! Those news channels ratings and income continue to slump! I guess this is the new way of 'selling' the news?

Then again, it could just be a promo for Keifer's current TV show.

And snork @ NMUA!

All the true artists know that to be considered as a viable anthrax distributor that a threat has to be delivered to news media during sweeps week.

Dear friend - Thank you for being so considerate. Unfortunately, I will not be able to contribute a reasonable amount at this time, as I've recently given all of my money to my new friends in Nigeria. However, as soon as Bernie Madoff gets me the return on my investment as promised, I will forward all of my money to you.

G. Ullible

This Super Blog would love to come to the rescue, but Commissioner Hiaasen has to fire up the Blog Signal first. Protocol, don't ya know.

"plane's tail nr"

This intrigues me.

I'm sorry I can't contribute to this worthy cause, but I send $19.95 monthly to help get that poor Nigerian astronaut safely back to earth before his oxygen supply runs out.

Didn't think squirrels could type.

Not a scientist but I'm pretty sure 250 kg of anthrax is a lot.

I see some business potential in teaching foreign scammers English. But the problem is how to accept payments from them?????

you could accept payments in anthrax

250 kg is approx 550 lbs

"High Tech Anthrax" WBAGNFARB.

Great. I was just sent to jail for reading that.

Maybe it was 250 kgs of Anthrax LPs. Or T-shirts, I suppose.

@Burt - there is actually a metal rock band called Anthrax.

Maybe High Tech Anthrax is a cover band that remixes Anthrax songs into techno music. If they weaponized that it could be devastating.

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