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May 09, 2017


Neiman Marcus selling $1,425 pair of pre-destroyed shoes

(Thanks to many people)


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The featured shoe may have played a leading role in the film "My Left Foot." You always pay more for celebrity status.

My closet is a gold mine !

At last! Something to wear with the $425 Nordstrom mud-encased jeans.

Who in their right mind would spend that kind of money for shoes and jeans? It is just throwing it away. I once did a fitting for someone that had a price tag on their black slacks of $500 and I could of made a pair for them for $10. For some I guess money grows on trees.(ha)

Only the well-heeled should consider buying that.

With guest spokes-shoes The Ball Brothers

(Careful guys, don't trip over that ego!)

Pre-Destroyed Shoes opened for Slightly Stoopid formerly know as Comprehensively Stoopid & Young.

And department stores wonder why they're failing.

People, PLEASE! Why settle for merely pre-destroyed? I can furnish a pair of genuinely hand-unmade sneakers, and I can do it for under a grand. Guaranteed never worn by Jordan, Duncan, Bryant, Durant - all the big names. Get 'em while they're gone!

Keeping up with these kind of fashion trends is what finally killed the Sharper Tech store.

Funny Man: I thought it was people growinng tired of seeing Richard Thalheimer's stupid ads for Sharper Image (i.e. "I can afford this, but you can't!") that finally drove the company into bankruptcy.

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