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May 16, 2017


A species of vulture has been filmed putting on make-up for the first time

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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A AVON representative will be arriving shorty with the latest samples and brochures.

Live coverage from the DNC...

Secret camera in " The View " green room...?

Species fluid.

*Your Gloria Allred joke here*

Latin name joancollinus cathartidae

Anybody made a "lipstick on a pig" joke yet? No? I'll stop back.

"Does this makeup make my tail look fat?"

Miss Piggy did it first with Joan Rivers. view

If a black vulture and a turkey vulture both did this, you couldn't tell them apart

"Unlike the Egyptian vultures in the Canaries,...."

(Not confusing at all!)

Scientists are investigating any correlation between the face painting by vultures and their consumption of dead haunted pythons.

How do they know it was his first time?

I don't care if ALL YOUR FRIENDS ARE DOING IT, young lady. As long as you're living in this nest and eating our carrion, you will NOT wear make-up!

Stixnstonz; thank you. it was worth reading all the others to get to yours.

Totally agree Mr. Bill. Great comment Stixnstonz. Although the other comments were good too.

I asked someone who knows about this, and she tells me it would be tragic if this vulture had a good makeup day and no one saw her.

Steve H: Are you the same one who had a hog on ice?

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