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May 03, 2017


Skippy peanut butter no longer for sale in Canada; fans stockpiling last jars

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Choosy moms choose Jif anyway. Skippy is too dry and Peter Pan is too oily. They better not mess with my Jif.

Why peanut butter when you have beer ?

They have affordable drugs. We have peanut butter.

We win.

Those terrorist bastards!

This calls for an emergency amendment to NAFTA.

Has anyone asked what squirrels may have to do with this?

I'm ok with them removing the crunchy version everywhere.

Jif Extra Crunchy. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

This quashes my plans for immigration to Canada.

^5 NMUA!!

Time for a wall to keep them from getting to our Skippy peanut butter!!

When he complained about the loss of his beloved Skippy peanut butter on Facebook, Hormel's Skippy site replied, "Sorry for the inconvenience, Jim!"

It's dead, Jim.

Don't Canadians have access to Amazon? A 40 oz. jar of Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter will cost them around $5.00 USD. Personally I prefer Jif. That's probably because I'm a choosy mother.

This is ominous, maybe Trump actually is going to build a wall along the Canadian border. This could destroy our supply of some really good beer!

When I was a PirateBoy, Skippy brought out peanut butter that had bits of bacon in it.

It was wonderful.

It was fantastic.

It was gone discontinued within 6 months.

I might have been their only customer.

To this very day, a PB & cold bacon sandwich is still one of my favorite foods. It's got your bread group, your peanut group, and your meat group all in one "balanced" sandwich!

PirateBoy, add a little jelly to that sandwich and you'd have your fruit group too.

I forsee a thriving black market. People in NY, Michigan, et al will stock up and smuggle a trunkful over the border to their Canadian distributors. "Psst! Buddy! Wanna jar of the smooth stuff? The real thing, man, only $25!"

RtWH: "Nah, man! I bet it's been cut with cashews. And look at the label. It says 'Gif'. Are you a narc?"

-PirateBoy I feel your pain, Kraft made a Thousand Island Dressing with smoked bacon bits. Now I can't find it anywhere! Somehow I know the squirrels are behind this.

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