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May 01, 2017


10 million leeches are prescribed by Russian doctors every year

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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Bloodsucking doctors in action.

Side effects include blind episodes of erection deficiency lasting up to four hours. Also, agonizing death.

At least the money didn't go to Big Pharma, who are experts in sucking the life and money out of patients...

I wonder how much "LeechKeeper" pays ?

I saw them open for 10,000 Maniacs.

At that rate, they're going to run out of brother-in-laws.

"...Gennady I. Nikonov, director of the leech farm... got his start in a laboratory at Moscow State University trying to isolate medicinal compounds from leeches.

The effort unraveled with the Soviet breakup and is still foundering for lack of money."

That's a problem in the US and Canada also.

The Common Loon is the rarest breeding bird in Wyoming, and some of them nest on fishless lakes at high altitude where their primary food is leeches. US loon biologists trying to study this have found that leech biologists here are even more rare than the birds – there's not a lot of grant money available to study leeches, except for Wall Street.

Ralph just identified the world's biggest leeches. Get that prize ready!


What's the difference between a leech and a lawyer?

One is a good-for-nothing bloodsucking parasite, while the other is an insect.

The most common strictly genetic cause of death in the United States is treated by having the patient give blood. Weekly at first.

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