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April 04, 2017


How do you get a 1.5-tonne rhino on an aeroplane?

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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A "Christmas cracker joke" is the very first thing I thought of.

I saw Rhinos Without Borders open for Freakish Squirrel.

Put it in your carry-on bag.

I thought I saw a few of them in the 'dancing hippos' scene in Fantasia.

Ten bucks says the next time I fly I'll get a seat right next to one of these drunk Rhinos.
How sad is it that people kill these beautiful animals just for their horn? I think we should leave the Rhinos where they are and send the poachers out on the next flight to Mars.

FINALLY, our PRAYERS have been answered! Hollywood now has a beast and plotline to make LARGER THAN LIFE II with Bill Murray.

It's my see-ing eye, therapy rhino! And he insists sitting in first class.

What class does a rhino fly?
Any class it wants to.

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