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April 26, 2017


Now Florida wildlife officials who want to rid the state of invasive snakes are trying something even more offbeat: prizes for anyone in the public who picks up a python.

No word on what the python wins if it... you know, wins.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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What do the guys get for bringing a shark on the People Mover?

I understand second place winner(s) get a free band aid.

Pythons don't get a T-shirt, because they're mostly armless.

I work with the American Red Cross bloodmobiles and several years ago I figured out if we offered a t-shirt to anyone giving blood our donations tripled. People will do almost anything for a t-shirt. At least I will. However, I do have my limits and it had better be a really nice shirt if they want me around a snake.

How about just putting bounty on them? Bring in the head, collect the cash. It's not that hard. Sheesh.

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