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April 17, 2017


April the giraffe kicks vet in the nuts to protect her baby

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Oh. Thought that was a United flight attendant doing the kicking. My bad.

As any mother would.

There is an old black and white MP4 showing Marlin Perkins getting his kicked clean off. Here's a vid depicting what Marlin's response may have sounded like.

We can't be certain, but that vet who got kicked in the nuts by a giraffe could have sounded just like the guy on the video clip manual tomato posted.

I have a feeling that more than nuts were kicked. That's a big hoof.

Natural reaction from any female towards any male after giving birth.

The zoo could probably make a lot of money for charging visitors to simulate the "airline experience" and all they have to do is approach the baby giraffe.

Updated motto suggestion: "Friendly skies? We'll whip your ass..."

Nice one April. We had resident border collie at the vet's office for her annual maintenance check and oil change last Saturday, and she laughed her brains out as the ferret in the room next to us leeched said vet. Having said that, the gals who work in the office were getting plenty of mileage out of it too.

They named the new giraffe, it is now Giraffy McGiraffFace.

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