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April 19, 2017


The Annual Cow Dung Cake Battle of Kairuppala

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Wait, is it that time again?

Can we have fewer big words for the remainder of the day? Anything with less than three syllables will work fine.

Dung Cake Battle of the Network Stars

Sounds like a new cable channel in the offing.

Save your money and come to my town's annual Liver Mush Festival in October. Same smell but you can eat it!

Followed by the pre-filling of water jugs body cleansing at river.

Scripts are now being accepted for "Dung Wars, Rise of the Stench", coming soon from ESPN.

There is some seriously bad karma going on here.

Until recently, didn't Congress re-enact a symbolic version?

Curses. Soiled again!

And let the chips fall where they may.

Our fleet is now headed toward Kairuppala.

You SURE 'bout that Clankie?

I wonder what Harry Krishna (George Harrison's old friend) would say about all this.


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