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April 05, 2017


Barry Manilow is gay.


(Thanks to basically everybody)


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Wait... Barry Manilow has fans.

Mandy is a what?!

So, the one-line joke, "He's sweating like Barry Manilow at a Christian Singles dance" is now officially funny

There goes my life long dream of being Mrs. Barry Manilow.

Ha ha April Fool ! No... wait...

@nursecindy - but on a positive note, Richard Simmons is still single.

The most shocking thing here is that he wrote the Band-Aid jingle.

This just in...the sun rises in the east.

No foolin? Next, we'll learn that Liberace was gay!

What? He was?

You culture vultures simply do not appreciate good music.

How many hit records have you ever had?

He writes the songs......

Will they still let him in at the Copacabana???

"Barry Manilow came out as alive today. I for one was shocked by the news."

I kinda suspected it when he married his boyfriend a couple of years ago.

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