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April 26, 2017


Customs agents at John F. Kennedy Airport have seized more than 300 pounds of banned Yak meat smuggled in sweaters, pants and shawls.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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The "prohibited dung pods" sounds perfectly scary compared to banned yak meat.

Don't Stand So Close To me with that Banned Yak Meat.

thank god they stopped the Dung Pods. America has more than enough dung already!

Nothing like warm yak meat in a sweater! I'm sure you'll get dozens of bids when you list the sweater on ebay!!!

Yakety slacks?

^ Snork! @ manual and Head_Smashed!

That explains the ambiance at Old Navy.

So they (it?) were smuggling sweaters?

I'm so confused.

I think I still have the first " Banned Yak Meat " album.

Where I grew up, we called it "cellulite".

Slack yak makes me gack.

I always thought sweater meat was way different.

I saw them open for Buffalo Springfield. The whole thing stunk.

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