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April 06, 2017


It’s now illegal in Russia to share an image of Putin as a gay clown

(Thanks to L. Raymond)


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The Potentially Gay Clowns opened for Arlo Guthrie.

Once again truth takes a holiday.

I don't get it. Are they Pro-Putin? Because he looks way better there than he does in most of the other picture I've seen of him.

A clown is by definition a gay, jolly, joyful person.

Gay Clown Putin VS Pennywise. Coming this fall to the SyFi Channel.

I THINK Saturday Night Live and Alec Baldwin are in a lot of trouble in Russia.

Does this include the picture of him shirtless riding the horse?

What about showing an image of Putin dressed as a gay pirate?

Now we realize WHY clowns want to look sinister/scary - they don't want to be mistaken for GAY clowns or gay Putin Clowns

So straight clown it is.

Comrades, I am very much enjoyink this American-type humor blog from here in home in Moscow. Makes me to laugh very much Ha-Ha while living my life of suffering and much boring. Every morning, (knock at the door) I read American funny blog by American funny man David Berry, and (knock, more persistently) ... and...(very loud knock) ...Oh boy....(door crashes open, sound of men yelling in foreign language)...(whimpering)... (long pause...silence)

Images of creepy, pushy Schumer clowns are encouraged in the absence of gay clown Putin images

First Barry Manilow, now Vladimir Putin. Just a coincidence?

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