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April 03, 2017


Circus entertainer sets world record stopping fan blades with her tongue

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Lol. As least she does look normal and not the mental image I see as a circus entertainer.

This brings to mind a different useful skill she now has, with such a powerful tongue.


So now she's hit the big time and is about to embark on a whir of public events, to meet all her fans

It hit the fan

Jeff: You wouldn't want her to give you a tongue lashing, would you?

Her husband, the "Space Cowboy" holds a Guinness Record for most blow torches put out with his tongue along with the most weight pulled by human eye sockets and most swords swallowed underwater. And she is a record holder for stopping the most spinning fan blades with her tongue.
What fun parties they must throw.

If she misses, will it be "tongue in cheek" or "tongue on floor"?

Wow... I need to learn to do that!

You just don't see entertainment like that here in the U.S. funny man I'm thinking it would be tongue in cheek, on the floor, on some spectators, etc. I hope she knows it's not easy to keep a bandaid on your tongue.

I had an interaction with a fan blade when I was living overseas. I chose against picking up hep at the local hospital.

I sliced open the finger that types fgh and the related upper and lower keys

Of all my scars, I like it the most.

I hear she was speechless when they gave her the award!

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