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April 13, 2017


Scorpion Falls From Overhead Bin, Stings Passenger on United Flight

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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Too bad it wasn't the CEO.

Overbooking is not likely to be one of United's major problems anymore.

Testing new ways to get passengers out of their seats.

I'm waiting to read next about one of the creatures from Alien bursting from the chest of a United passenger.

There's video of the scorpion being beaten and dragged off the plane

DEAR wanderer2575

Response of the years (so far).

Attention passengers: The Captain has turned on the Seatbelt sign for your safety. Scorpions will begin to drop from the overhead compartment automatically. There is no need to pull to activate.

"They didn’t immediately recognize the honey-colored, 1.5-inch animal..."

Yet the picture for the article makes it look like a 10-lb Mutant Killer Lobster.

Medical attention may have been declined but I'll bet legal attention will be accepted.

If United had offered the max the scorpion would have exited quietly.

Wonder how much they ding you for ordering a scorpion ?

Now United will have to bump another passenger to make room for a fresh scorpion.

"Coffee, tea, antivenin at a slight extra charge?"

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