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April 13, 2017


Giant willy statue erected outside chapel leaves church members raging

(Thanks to Stan Ruth and Al Barkafski)


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Actually bears some resemblance to Beaker (from The Muppet Show), but without the nose.

Just wait until the image of Che' appears on it.

But a local art dealer says many people have stopped to admire his penis.

This has nothing to do with the statue, of course. Just a casual comment.

Leaning Tower of Penis.

I'll bet Gian Willy can open for any band they like.


Bet that was a tough circumcision.

♫ Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get willied. ♬

Wasn't Stone Penis a secret Kung Fu technique.

I have a friend named Willy, and he does not look like that.

Some folks think the artist is just dicking around.

"Hesz said: 'Easter is a fertility festival, it is not? I do not know why a phallus should be something negative.'"

Das Cockenspiel ist im Gange.

Giant Willy Statue opened for Shocking Blue in 1970.

It was a Really Big Show.

Stone Penis is a potent hathayoga posture.

The Raging Members opened the Shrimp Pistols gig.

Biggus Dickus would be proud.

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