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April 03, 2017


'Woman committing adultery' gets STUCK having sex with lover after husband used potion to catch her

(Thanks to Patty Villanova)


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We need to use this technique on our politicians.

Also, I saw Woman Committing Adultery open for Bananarama. Stimulating show!

As Marquis would say:
Some of my friends call this foreplay.

"You're hooked, your cooked,
You're caught in the tender trap".
----Frank Sinatra

Wasn't this a plot to LOVE AMERICAN STYLE ?

Hogwarts will never be the same.

Quick, get the garden hose!

(Well, it worked when my neighbor's dog was stuck to my dog).

I think this was an episode of CHEATERS last year.

(I found it purely by accident and usually never watch.)

By "potion" do they mean crazy glue?

Eh. Dante did it better.

Screw Glue Blew Two. Video at 11.

Magun Bad Juju From Cuckolded opened for Steelers Wheel.

Bad Juju Clarification.

Clarification of Bad Juju Clarification.

*parks the Geezer Bus @ LeDud's house, beeps horn, waits for him to take his seat*

LeDud, Klezmerphan, better save me a seat on the bus...

Bus left. Sorry to leave klez an tina behind.

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