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April 28, 2017


Police say an Ohio man called 911 to request a police dog to help track down heroin allegedly stolen from him.

(Thanks to Jon Harris, Layla and Le Petomane)


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Believe it or not, Mr. Murphy here has been in the national news before, and with a Florida connection.

Sounds like a police dog would be a lot savvier than this fine citizen.

I'm guessing he's not a taxpayer.

The next time you want a special service from a police officer just remind them that your tax money pays their salaries. They love it when you say things like that.

McNeely says the man is expected to face a drug charge after he pulled a brown, waxy substance from his pants while being interviewed by police.


This is why they call it dope.

So the police dog was a lab?

No honor among theives?

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