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April 17, 2017


Man takes revenge on his noisy neighbors by buying a 'building shaker' and leaving it on all weekend

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Brilliant! Send a couple to Washington.

I have a story about noisy neighbors in an apartment building, but it's not suitable for a Family Friendly Blog such as this.

But it did end with me reminding my neighbor that I could hear everything going on up there, looking up the stairs, and seeing his girlfriend, who clearly had not been given that information. Nice and quiet after that.

Zhao from Xi'an, I don't know the difference.

I want one!

Sometimes ya just gotta shake things up.

For those who can't afford an expensive building shaker, renting a concrete compactor should work. Also, a good idea would be to park your car in a safe place.

Chinese thumper.

He could have easily driven the neighbors batty by just blasting Manilow for 48 plus hours, and saved all that money.

@funny man--Isn't blaring Manilow music for 48 hours banned under the Geneva Convention?

Le Petomane: Some of the best concrete plate compactors are made by Wacker, but they're gas or diesel powered. An electric Wacker concrete vibrator with a flexible shaft would probably be a better choice indoors. Hold my beer and watch this....

I need to get me some vegenance on our neighbour, cause he's just not complying with the neighbourhood maximum dandelion quota and has never had the responsibility of a sump pump. Or, it would seem, pretty much anything else..

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