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April 13, 2017


'Looming crisis' as cemeteries across Canada run out of space

(Thanks to The Perts)


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You can have my grave plot when you can pry it from my ..... whoa, hold on a minute .....

This is why people should be buried vertically!

People will be "dying" to get in.....heh...get it ?

That's one reason I want to have my ashes scattered by drone over New York City's Central Park.

Drones are not permitted in Central Park, according to the rules of the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.

When graves are outlawed only outlaws will....

This might be difficult to enforce.

They've already filled up Commons and the Senate, so there's no room there.

Is the burning Viking boat still an option?

When looms are outlawed, only criminals will have sewing machines...wait...are you sure?

Create an "auto-icon" from the corpse and put it in your pantry with your cupcakes.

Canada is such a small country, too.

Loudmouth-- Central Park has Viking Funeral Tuesday

Whole new meaning to a triple stack.

Ralph is onto something with the auto-icon. We could update the technology, create an app that can be stored for times you may want to download and 3-D print maybe your mother-in-law and enjoy shutting her on and off when she talks too much. As for the corpse---anyone remember Soylent Green?

Agree with Horace -- it's practically Luxembourg. Where would they ever find room?

Guess they'll have to leave 'em outside, let the bears eat 'em.

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