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April 18, 2017


Do you want symbolic arrests?

If so, where and when?

(Thanks to L. Raymond, who says "This is real.  Really real.")


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The rise of the BEAN COUNTERS has begun!

I was also stunned when I saw a beaver the first time.

Why in my day, whippersnappers, we had to walk five miles in the snow, uphill both ways, to get arrested at a protest march.

And keep off my damn lawn!

I meant that comment for the other story, my bad.

I have often wondered why so many think media is social.


Does the Berkeley police department also arrange symbolic beatings to precede the symbolic tear gassing and symbolic arrests?

In addition, each protestor will be given a totally legal one ounce bag of high grade marijuana to carry on them for use with their newly issued valid AB-60 illegal immigrant driver's license. As an added incentive, each protestor will be given a suitable for framing autographed portrait of Barbara Boxer on mental therapy medication. Plus! One lucky new protestor will win a trip to Madonna's house to have is **** ******.

Where do I select the flavor of pepper spray to use against me?

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