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April 13, 2017


New pistol shrimp species named after Pink Floyd

(Thanks to Ralph and The Perts)

We saw Ralph and The Perts open for Pink Floyd.


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yeah I would like to be armed shooting shockwaves to a few humans myself.

I don't know, but I think the scientists were very drunk at the time.

I have become comfortably numb.

In this version of the story, it says "Some species of pistol shrimp use their sonic weapon to drill burrows into solid basalt rock."

It's just another prick in the wall.

The sonically super powered Synalpheus pinkfloydi gunslinger shrimp in the video is not one of the Pink Floyd pistol shrimps? I must be on hallucinogens. What, He cancelled the show?

Why can't scientists focus on thing that actually matter such as do these shrimp taste better grilled or pan fried with garlic butter?

Should have named it after Stevie Ray Vaughan

The Sex Pistol Shrimps is a tribute band for Ralph and the Perts.

Snork at Ralph!

Looks like a crustoid with a puppet.

♫ "By the way, which one's Pink?" ♫

Sounds fair to me. "Hotter than the surface of the sun"
? I don't know, what thermometer was used up there

Next they'll be giving the sun a colonoscopy

Any of youins' ever attend a Pink Floyd concert? I did,'72/'73. Every one I knew went out and bought a quad system to hear the sound of a cash register go around the room from speaker to speaker. To speaker to speaker. The cash register sound was cock.

Like I would go to a party and the guy throwing it would go, "Check this man." Then He would put on the cash register going around the room from speaker to speaker. To speaker to speaker.

Checking around the room I would hear.

"Far out."

"Far out."

"Wow man, far out."

"Let me hit that, man."

"Don't harsh my mellow, man."

"Far out."


I'd say they are compensating for having a little shrimp.

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