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April 12, 2017


Terrifying moment a snake flies through a crack in the door of an internet café and bites a man on the bottom as computer users leap about in fear

(Thanks to Bob Brogan and Roberto, who says "I would not recommend sucking out the venom.')


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Maybe the video could be the basis for the new Snake Bite Dance

Old joke about a couple of hunters sitting around a campfire drinking beer. One has to go relieve himself and accidentally takes leak on a rattler that bites him on the penis. His friend calls 911 and they tell him how to suck out the venom. The guy who was bitten asks,"what did they say"?
The friend says,"911 says you're gonna die".

I could have used the snake yesterday when fifteen skateboarders came around the parking lot. I find it iccredible no one named sirrongdongsirrisong wasn't involved.

"Rat snakes are not venomous and kill their prey by constriction."

So, was the guy a lawyer or what?

Feets, don't fail me now.

I've only seen moves like that in cartoons.

Whatever happened to "no shoes, no service"?

Make nasty online comments about snakes and they get back at you.

Kickboxing practice? "We've got a snake for that"

--New motto for the internet cafe

It's a good thing this Blog has a Strict Policy™ about making fun of place names like Wiset Chai Chan District or Ang Thong.

"Rat snakes are not venomous and kill their prey by constriction."

A person bitten by a snake may not be able to stop to check what kind of snake it is.

I think the reaction was rather understated compared to what I would do if a flying snake sneak-attacked me and bit me in the ass...

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