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April 15, 2017


Massive chicken egg cracked open to reveal another egg inside

This has been The News From Canada.

(Thanks to The Perts, who say "We've got a wooden doll like this.")


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Twins? (Remake as Triplets coming soon.)

Anyone want a double omelette?

Does it have to do with poutine? Or curling?

Then wake me when it does.

Double Easter. Can I get a Cadbury egg with another inside?

Dennis Goslow also added "the chicken suffered a fatal blowout from laying that egg, but it still made a tasty soup."

Maybe it's a Pepperidge Farm egg.

"I was a little bit sad," he said. "Now I'm like a kid with a broken toy."

He's ovary acting.

After last week, known as the Mother of All Chicken Eggs. ( MOACE )

This is an actual Russian Nesting Egg.

[Don't look now, but Foghorn is handing out cigars. DO you suppose he could be...naw, too wierd...]

Goes to show.. the spectacular is average on the inside

Speaking of large things coming out of places you didn't think they would, a strong contender for Headline of the Week:

Hubble just spotted something massive coming out of Uranus

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