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April 18, 2017


We had no idea.


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Arrrrgh !

C'mon, Dave, get with it! The 2017 season is an important build–up for the class as the SB20 Europeans will be staged by the Royal Irish Yacht Club in 2018.

This race is going to have a funny ending.

Why is it after more years than I care to remember, the blog prompts me to recite a word perfect (sorta) rendition of John Masefield's 'Sea Fever'? Spent hours sweating bullets in my bedroom learning It by heart so I wouldn't be one of the dipsticks in Eng. Lit. class who got called on to stand up and recite a few lines and blow it 'Slug' Leach, our teacher, used to scare the living daylights out of even the toughest. He had a pretty serious tick, but could be looking in one direction yelling at someone while throwing a piece of chalk and hitting his target on the other side of the classroom.

I thought it said "Cock Harbor," and I am relieved it was not. As Newt Gingrich (I think) said, this is a family blog.
But good luck with the race!

Wait.. are you insinuating this blog isn't by the sorta known yachtsman??

Will you be captaining Buster Boat??

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