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April 25, 2017


Tourism director, 61, who was fired after she accidentally live-streamed herself naked on her ENTIRE TOWN'S Instagram page in sext gone-wrong sues to get her job back

(Thanks to Patty Villanova)


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I hate when that happens.

Does anyone have the link? Why? Just curious.

Unlike most people in this position (har!), she clearly has nothing to hide.

tourism, voyeurism - its a thin line.

The Parish will re-think the firing when the level of tourism bumps up.

Sounds like something I would do, but this is way worse than hitting "Reply to All" when you don't mean to.

Doesn't sound like there's going to be any tourism to direct going forward.

She deserves another chance

Sounds like a resume enhancer to get the Vegas tourism job.

channeling ligirl
All we are say-ing is give piece-of-this a chance

Sounds like a cover up.

Or should have been!

Webster? Wasn't he that cute little kid on that TV show?


Your 15 minutes of fame have expired. Or insert another gold coin....

Not bad for 61, just sayin'.

I'm with Jeff on wanting to see that link before rushing to judgment. The lady simply may have been doing her job and working to increase tourism, but how can we know?

Not bad for 61, just sayin'.

Well, as one who has had the occasion in the past of delving the less savory quarters of the interwebs (for research purposes, thank you), I strongly suspect she looks far better with her clothes on than off.

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