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April 14, 2017


Put that brow pencil down – the next big thing is feather brows

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Ewwww. Maybe for Halloween. I have thought about getting permanent eyebrows done.

nursecindy tells me she is "torn between these and the glitter undercuts in my hair."

Can the unibrow be far behind?

Stella's Finch Tickler.

For a cat owner this could end badly.

Nothing creepy about that.

*REALLY fast forward*

Web browsing.

Proving that Fashionistas are bird brains.

Looks like a catepillar died up there.

Beauty is in the eye of the insect?

They could also be used to make trout flies.

Can fried egg eyes and full clown be far behind.

Fern brow.

This might work for Frau Blucher.

The sad fact is that these women probably look BETTER with feather brows...

I wonder how soon one of the nitwits gives up trying to tease the brow hairs into submission and just shaves the brows off -- then glues on real feathers. Keep an eye on any parakeets or cockatoos you might have around the house.

Why stop there?

Why just pencil? Hair Club for Brows. Feather style pube-brows.

Here's to the Queen of the Unibrow, the late Margaux Hemingway.

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