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April 05, 2017


How do you eat your chocolate bunny? Vast majority prefer to start with the ears

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I bite the face off first. It creeps me out to have the bunny watching while I eat it.

Only a barbarian starts with the tail.

But if you start with the feet he can't get away.

Emo Philips had a routine about this. (Bunny talk starts at :30)

If he was right, it's not good news for ImNotDave, I'm afraid.

I hope the funding for this survey came from the government...it's way too important to rely on private funding.

From further study of this important subject, I find it's abnormal to eat the rabbit feet first. And this is from a perfectly 'normal' doctor who wrote: "Seasonality of Auricular Amputations in Rabbits". Maybe after a few beers some of this will start making sense.

Except in Australia.

Another of humanity's pressing problems solved by "Science".

Is there grant money in this? I may change my career...

That math teacher would eat it with 2 bites. Doesn't matter which end went first.

Huh? I can't hear you.

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