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April 09, 2017



A Lehigh Acres father was arrested Friday evening after his 12-year-old son drove his car into a canal with a toddler on board.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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The child was immediately issued his own Florida license.

"Hey kid. Take my car keys and go pick me up a six pack. And take your little brother with you, OK?"


I'd love to hear what the mom said and did to him after she found out about this incident.

Absolutely amazing. The little kid was two years old before the car crashed and a year younger after the accident!

That's why there's a new wrinkle on the kid'sforhead

Father's Day is coming! What size does he wear in jumpsuits?

Martinez Sr. should give both of them a swift kick in the @ss.

Just another 'babies driving babies' story.

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