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April 19, 2017


Factory worker sticks a 1.6ft long eel into his anus believing it could treat his constipation

(Thanks to Michael Moyer, who says "It was a consenting eel, I hope.")


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"the patient said to have stomache only"

Is stomache a cross between a stomach and sammich?

" ... the eel caused a major stomach ache ...". Ya think?

Does this merit Good Housekeeping's "Eel of approval"?

Wise-cracking doctors asked him:

"How do you eel?"

"Are you really eel?"

"Did you lose faece?"

That is so not a moray.

My HMO includes eels and leeches as a part of the Patient Heal Thyself protocol

I wonder if Medicare covers this 'treatment'??? Maybe under mental health benefits.

If this guy had only eaten some jalapeno peppers and washed them down with plenty of tequila, that eel would have left on it's own.

And the constipation? Problem solved?

He's got to stop watching " Eel of Fortune ".

Sure hope it wasn't an electric eel...

Even Web MD wouldn't recommend this.

I didn't know eels were "stick-able."

Give them enough Viagra and the snakes--I mean eels will go anywhere.

A fish shunt constipation cure didn't work?

He should have used Fukusaki Anal Orb Instant Curry instead.

OldPhil, the only two ways I can see the "sticking" working are; a) freezing the eel, which I'm guessing reduces the efficacy of the cure, or b) dosing the eel with Viagra. the story didn't mention frostbite, so I'm guessing he used the little blue pill.

I may be sorry I asked, but: If the eel didn't work, what was Plan B?

It could be he was substituting for one eyed snake.

One of the best stories and comments ever. Someone deserves a prize.

"Doctors were shocked when the found the Asian swamp eel in his stomach along with faeces and food residue."

Faeces in his STOMACH?? Talk about being backed up!

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