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April 17, 2017


A funny clip has resurfaced from the Greek version of Britain's Got Talent showing a very rude but entertaining clip of two contestants playing the piano with their private parts.

(Thanks to James Flynn)


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Sponsored by Viagra no doubt.

If it had been Cialis, LP, they would need two pianos.

Finally, penis pianists.

Tastefully dud.

No doubt Cowell will do that soon on AGT.

So tooling around on a piano is an actual thing?

I guess I have renewed my seat on the geezer bus, because I actually remember that video when it originally aired.

Did they use protection? You don't know where those (piano) keys have been...

They've got the chops. And the sticks.

Is THIS how you get to Carnegie Hall?

Hope they weren't tinkling the ivories.

Some people call this foreplay, eh marquis?

I hope they learn to avoid all the SHARPS, or it could get messy.

this was done on howard stern back before he was on sirius radio. He was fined by the FCC for barrels of cash. He talks about it quite often.

Did they play "Chopsticks"?

Those boys tickled the ivories AND the ovaries.

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