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April 06, 2017


Philippine clinic uses Wolverine to sell circumcisions

(Thanks to Ralph and KJP)


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I saw Foreskin Removal Service open for Big Brother and the Holding Company.

The clinic owner must be related to President Duterte.

For a fee, he'll actually do the deed.

A discussion between Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Professor X (Patrick Stewart) on the subject...


What a bunch of wimps. In Flathead County they use real wolverines.

Of course, this will prompt somewhere the "K-Pal Home Circumcision Wolverine Arm Sleeve" on those late night time wasting informercials.

Wouldn't honey badgers be cheaper ?

Rock accordionist?

The only catch is that it will grow right back. That's how they get you.

I don't care.

Drawing the line; be careful for nothing

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