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April 01, 2017


Maine town elects lobster as mayor

(Thanks to many people)


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Doctor Zoidberg, I presume?

Ya got me, Dave.


It's not funny Dave, I was about to eat my beakfast...

That's the ugliest lobster I've ever seen.

Darn you, Dave. That's what happens when you forget the date.

My eyes! My eyes!

That's not funny. Scary, yes. But not very funny.

The mayor elect gives a speech

I can safely say I saw that one coming this time, and was therefore able to prevent my blood from curdling. Unlike, say, twelve of the past fifteen years.

A most excellent teaser for the link, BTW.

I feel inextinguishable palpations to do one of The Carpenters.

To call him a lobster is to gravely insult the entire species.

I knew it! Shame on you Dave.

Now we know what a Fukushima lobster looks like.

A very decadent decapod.

Another improbable Maine animal story.

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