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April 28, 2017


It's the best.

Update (via Mr. Gene Weingarten): The station is suing! Despite the fact that this is probably the highest-quality entertainment it has ever broadcast!


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Fantastic, and for once, no mention of cheese.

C'mon, Jake... It's... Wisconsin.

The lawyers get the last laugh.

Pretty funny and especially so the station wants any profits made as a result of their appearance.

Chop, "we're being sued by the morning news show for any profits we make ."

Steele, "any of those Easter baskets left to fill full of cash and settle it."

That's a spunky female anchor even by local morning news standards

The irony is, most of those exercises were fun to do and healthier than the ones many 'fitness gurus' tout.

Why is Gene interested if it's not about poop?

They booked Hans and Franz for next week.

Satire is a hard road.

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