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April 14, 2017



(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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Ha ha ha right next to the squirrel seeks chipmunk. They know how you feel about squirrels. I have your book in my bookcase and will have to bring it along with some others for you to sign the next time you come to Mich. to the radiothon

This will not end well.

Well played, Librarian, well played.

Evidently this librarian knows Dave very well.

Romantic relationships between squirrels and chipmunks usually have a bad ending.

Police officers are on the lookout.

And don't sneak up behind a police officer in the library stacks

Great move. Now everyone will be taking "shelfies".

Shelf portrait

Literary incompatibility in the wild.

Yeah but that's David Sedaris - good company indeed.

Dave: Is this library in Grand Forks, North Dakota?

Capisce --
It was in a suburb of Chicago that shall remain nameless because it is in the Library Protection Program

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