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April 19, 2017


Fukusaki Anal Orb Instant Curry intrigues, terrifies Japan, as does town’s horrific mascot

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Didn't they used to perform as Pink Lady and Jeff?

The mascot may be related to Ollie of Kukla, Fran and Ollie fame. I'm sure we'd met them all at some point in the back of the geezer bus.

Fukusaki Anal Orb opened for Butthole Surfers, of course.

" the only thing to be scared of here is Gajiro’s grotesque appearance. "

Still less frightening than a tax audit.

And that, boys and girls, is why certain mushrooms are to be avoided.

Stumped finding a gift for that person who has everything? Well, your troubles are over. Go to Amazon and order a few boxes of Fukusaki anal orb instant curry for a gift they will never, ever forget.

Isn't this where those cartoonish ninja turtles came from? And, for that matter, Japanese "rock": stars?

"Anata wa Kawaii desu" is, I understand, how you say you are very cute or scary, depending on the accent.

Great Find Ralph! Sora as in "sore" You know what, and
I love Japanese Curry! However, I have never found any orbs in mine.

I once talked with some orbs, but it could have been something I ate or drank.

Too much gluten for me, thanks. Yeah, that's it....

Our fleet wants nothing to do with this.

check please!

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