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April 03, 2017


Man tries to rob Pontiac bank, leaves without money when teller walks away

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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I had a similar experience the first time I proposed marriage.

Pontiac is still inhabited? How So?

I've always though that was the best way to handle bank robbers. Here they tell them to give them the money, even though most of our banks have heavy-duty plexiglass. Occasionally a teller just walks away and the guy is lost.

Out here they give them the money and a valid AB-60 CA Illegal Immigrant Drivers license. In some parts of LA a sucker is handed out, too.

"Not now, I'm at lunch" the teller reportedly said.

Priorities matter!

I'm guessing the guy needed the money to buy a gun for the next robbery. Too bad, bunky.

I have a gub
What's a gub?

In my younger days as a clerk at the Stop-and-Rob, I pulled a knife on the guy who tried to rob me. I had a cleanup in aisle one after.

The ACLU will, no doubt, be filing lawsuits against the bank,the teller, and possibly the note on behalf of the unsuccessful robber.

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