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April 09, 2017


Man Seriously Overreacts When 75-Cent Credit Card Charge Is Declined


(Thanks to Neville Kane)


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A 7-11 spokesperson was working with police attempting to put a name to the face on the surveillance stating, "banana nanna fo fanna fe fi bo fanna."

Imagine if it had been a package of Twinkies.

Clerks should be trained to defend themselves against fruit. Monty Python did a training manual on this subject that has been sadly overlooked.

Right. Call in John Cleese next time.

Thank goodness he wasn't trying to buy a Cadbury Creme Egg. I'd start a fight over one of those. Who uses a credit card to buy a candy bar? Except this guy of course.

Proper terminology ' these guys'
Buying m,s?

Not much snickering going on there, maybe he was angry because the clerk was all butterfingers.

I was going to send this story to Dave a few days ago. I though, Dave won't post the story. I thought I would keep it to myself, but I stopped by 711 later that day and asked the clerk, this guy, if He had heard anything about the capture of the disparagingly chafed, banana-flinging culprit. He said He hadn't heard, felt or realized anything in the present during the past several months, but He welcomed the thought of bananas and liked my story about the meat model I saw when I read the 711 story.

So, instead I sent Dave this story about an Australian Butcher.

Writer's embellishment. The part about me going to 711 has been heavily simulated

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