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April 14, 2017


An 88-year-old man said he was fired from his job at Walmart because he didn’t alert a manager when a wild turkey walked through the doors.


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I'm more concerned about some of the humans they let in.

A least it didn't fall from a helicopter

"Attention Walmart shoppers there is a turkey removal in aisle 3---uh, aisle 6---aisle 12--uh, aisle 22. Walmart shoppers watch where you step in aisle 12."

They fired the greeter? Did he not say hello to the turkey?

Tame turkeys are welcome.

It could have been a service turkey.

Would it be OK if Jim Beam walked in?

and...There is nothing in the rule book that says an elephant can't pitch!

In New York the Walmarts greeters don't greet the birds. People just give you the bird as you walk in.

Rudolph, I try to focus on the floor when I'm there.

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