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April 05, 2017


Mattress flies off a truck, causes accident and also saves the day

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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Believe it or not the same thing happened to me back in the 1840's while riding my Harley. A car hood flew off a wrecked car being towed up ahead of me. When it happened I realized I was about to be decapitated, but I used my trick riding skills to swerve away from the flying cleaver-hood as it crashed to the highway pavement directly next to my foot. I still posses unique riding skills to this day and monthly therapy sessions for the past 40+ years has helped with the ongoing fixation of fear when I see a tow truck.

Hero Mattress opened for Steppenwolf.

The original article has a few more videos like that

mt--was that one of the early steam powered Harleys you were riding?

There's better ways to get flies off a truck than with a mattress.

I understand flying mattresses are fairly common in the mideast, but hard to find in Aussie land.

THis story will not help my efforts to get a motorcycle

Le Pet - Dave should have a family picture post blog day for everyone. Here's a blast from the past. A pic of my 1974 Sportster, circa 1978. I dated a gal who ran with the Hell's Angels for a time. She lived in the woods above Santa Barbara during the late 60's. After she burned down a boyfriend's house she moved to Hawaii for a good, well deserved vacation. Aloha. Sucker. It was also a good place to hide out. I showed her this pic of my 'pansy' Harley. She was unimpressed. It was my switchblade that opened the door, as well as her pants, to having wild biker sex with her. It was during this exploration/curiosity period in my life, someone asked me what I thought of my girlfriend's new haircut. I said, "it's cute." My girlfriend immediately questioned me shouting out, "what the (expletive} do you mean, CUTE!" I had no answer and sat back in my chair waiting for her to tell me what my next move would be. I have trouble with bouts of exploration. I can get carried away and picture myself on a Hawaiian island hanging with the natives.

Here's a pic of my shoe. That's my 22 year old American Standard Strat behind it. I put the Strat in the pic because I don't have a decent pic of my aforementioned biker chic girlfriend. She was seldom decent. I didn't want to totally disappoint.

@ manual tomato-Glad you enjoyed having a Harley, they're great fun. I've had five starting with a 1968 Electra Glide. I wrote some biker/tattoo material for Easyriders out of Agoura Hills, Ca back in the 90's and learned a lot about the biker lifestyle. Many of us can look back and say: "if we only hadn't had to make a living"...

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