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April 13, 2017


8-year-old boy drives 4-year-old sister to get cheeseburger

This would have been fine in Florida.

(Thanks to many people)


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I will say that you tube does have some interesting videos. I learned how to change the oil in the lawn mower from one. Also the best sure way to catch a mouse.(ha)

*Note to self: discontinue habit of leaving car keys just lying around. Also, put chainsaw in cabinet*

If he obeyed all traffic laws and drove the speed limit that would put him ahead of 90% of Florida drivers.

Give that boy a license!

Guys in action

I can has cheezburger?

The children did get to eat their cheeseburgers before police arrived.

I love a happy ending.

When cars go driverless....will he be able to do this legally ?

More training than most Minn. drivers have.

Just another cheeseburger in paradise?

How could the 8 year old reach the pedels?

They should have interviewed him and disguised the voice and face.

Let's hope he doesn't discover Grand Theft Auto.

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