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April 06, 2017


Oregon Lawmaker Thinks Politicians Should Be Able To Have Duels

(Thanks to B'game, who says "Send this man to Washington!")


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The use of duel exploding whale carcasses is permitted. Maybe even required.

Chairman David Delk wrote, “This resolution would remove a disincentive to dueling among Oregonians.”

Not that there's anything wrong with that, he added.

Man, Hamilton Fever is really getting out of hand.

You first, buddy.

In Oregon they would have to make dynamite mandatory in duels. And, of course, live TV coverage.

Typical political discourse, if the law is repealed:

Politi A: I, sir, challenge you to a duel. Name your weapons!

Politi B: Feathers at 10,000 paces.

In Oregon they have live coverage of the ship Peter Iredale that ran ashore in 1906. Cable TV imports Norwegian programming to make the place seem more lively.

If Oregon ever wants to have the touring version of Hamilton come to town, they need to fix it.

By the way, going to the town of Bend is called "Going on a bender"

Doubble barrel shotguns at 10 paces, snow shovels for seconds to scoop up the debris for coroner.

Only under these conditions:
A) At least 20 witnesses (IE: Politicians) stand closely bunched no more than five feet behind each duelist.
B) Cannons & canister shot is used.

Bonus points if the duel is at:
4145 SW 110th Avenue
Beaverton, OR 97005

They should go one step further and make it mandatory.

Better than term limits?

Bucks are hard to understand

Especially if it's all got. The dough

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