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April 04, 2017


A UK entrepreneur takes flight by attaching miniature jet engines to his limbs

(Thanks to Ersin Domangue, who asks "s it too early to thing about father's day?")


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Chalk another one up to the Juju used by the cuckolded man.

Jeez, flaming jet engines attached to his arms...what could possibly go wrong?

Don't care, I want one!!

At least the accident investigators will appreciate all the video evidence to go on.

When he stretches his arms and the jets are facing opposite directions, there could be a problem.

wanderer: CORKSCREW !!

This guy is going to make an ash out of himself.

"... I’m never more than 30 feet from two people with fire extinguishers." If it's so safe, why don't they have hot dogs or marshmallows?

" Entrepreneur " has evidently become a synonym " hair-brained lunatic ".

Worked on a jet engine like this as part of an engineering senior design project. That exact same model in fact.

Here's where to buy, for the holiday gift guide https://sites.google.com/site/jetcentralus/home/turbines/rhino

We did a lot of research before buying because of the price. But we were heavily influenced by this nut jumping out of a balloon with a flight suit and one of these on each leg. https://youtu.be/eS2rjcVcaqQ

I figure he's getting about 30 lbs of thrust out of each of those and is limited only by how many hot water bottles full of kerosene he can stuff down his pants.

Reminds me of Jet Jaguar. On the old MST3K show.

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