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April 18, 2017


Do NOT disrespect their turf.

Autoplay. But funny.

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Well, the guy does look just like Fabio...

Duck! Duck! Goose!

Sure. Goose gets away with it. Just try doing the same thing in a Chick-Fil-A costume with a little provenance problem and see how the police treat you.

Freakin' love geese. They totally own their 'hood. Nest where they want, poop where and when they want. They're kind of like the bird version of the three-year-old who insists on going to the store in their pink tutu and/ or superhero outfit.

This Geese Lives Matter movement has gotten way out of hand.

Cue the Benny Hill music! *

*Geezer advisory

Time to get on the last train out of Clarksville. *

*More geezer advisory

Not a surprise to the Ancient Romans:

Homeland Securities plan of using guard geese along the coast and borders needs rethinking.

So Mr. Language Person, was the officer "geesed" or "goosed"
and is he down with that "like a pillow"? (Down used on classic style pillows,see?)

I didn't see any disrespect, just some guy with a satchel trying to use the sidewalk.

It could be the goose mistakenly thought any man carrying a briefcase was a lawyer and went into attack mode

Thank you Meany. Now video viewing is much better! And yes, that's me, stretched out on back seat of the bus. Now I cant get Hill music out of my head, thank you very much!

Thanks to fractalist, I've got the Monkees stuck in mine.

PD Gang Unit for this city reports that Goose Crew rolls with the Teaneck Gangsta Turkeys (06APR16 'We Saw Them Open For Vanilla Ice'.)

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