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April 27, 2017


British fashion retailer Topshop was met with criticism and confusion from shoppers after offering clear plastic jeans for sale.

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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Their ad: "Hey, we're a lot more reasonable than Nordstrom's!"

For people with "average" body sizes, mud would probably be prefrrable.

These would go well with those shower curtain fashion tops from a few years ago.

Free with your first lobotomy.

If I bought a pair, I bet I could make money from them by offering NOT to wear their jeans in public.

How are those considered jeans if they're not denim?

I wish the Jean Genie would fix this.

"For people with "average" body sizes, mud would probably be prefrrable."

that's what I've always said.

You could do it yourself with a $3.97 roll of Saran Wrap.

Again, I don't want the greenhouse effect going on down there.

Burn victim fashion?

The latest version of the Emperor's New Jeans.

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