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April 06, 2017


Pair files lawsuit against chip company's half-filled bags

(Thanks to PirateBoy)


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Potato chip deception is the lowest kind of deception there is.

I predict it'll never get to court. When you sue potato chip companies, it's inevitable that some settling will occur.

Following heated debate, this issue was ultimately stricken from the earliest drafts of the US Constitution. Consequently, there is no guaranteed right of citizens to a full product package at purchase. See Lardbutt et al vs. Imperceptible Foods, Inc.; pp. 102-2,038

They're mad as hell and not going to take this any more!

But I thought they (chip makers) always had a disclaimer in small print: "Sold by wait only. Some settling and deception may occur through handling."

Legally I think that would cover them.

They are selling packages of air. The chips are a by-product. Ever tried a Pringle's chip?

They're doing 'Veggie Chips' in a Pringle's style can now!!!!!! Dreams DO come true!!
Cabin fever? Moi?

I'm just going to go ahead and declare Padraig's comment the winner on this one (exuberant clapping ensues)

At least the Pringles' cans are FULL. This case will go down in history with Marbury vs. Madison, IMHO.

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