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April 18, 2017


Kim Jong-un ‘FORBIDS North Koreans from COPYING his hair as state approved list revealed’

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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It would be difficult to copy anyway without several quarts of epoxy and a chisel.

And everybody says what a cruel man he is? This sounds compassionate to me.

I expect a similar executive order from our President.

N. Korean barber: "Do you have a picture of this stupid hairstyle you want me to do?"

Walking around with a hairstyle that looks like a crow just exploded on top of your head is illegal? Hey, Kim Jung-Un stole that hairstyle from the Centauri on the excellent sci-fi series, Babylon 5. He could find himself under alien attack for that bit of tonsorial theft.

Wait, ... that's deliberate?

I notice all the guys seem quite happy with their state-approved haircuts and forced smiles. Oddly, the mullet apparently didn't make the official approval list.

Hey, it could easily have gone the other way, with Kim insisting everyone have his exact hairstyle.

Didn't a certain Hollywood-related mask :"studio" company have a Kim Jong-Un Halloween mask with real "fake" hair?
I know they made very realistic Star Wars masks for a while.

A bit too late, your Craziness.

I'm bald and I don't see any bald people on the approved list. I'm glad I'm not there, I suspect they just execute all bald guys.

Jeff, that's next week.

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