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April 06, 2017


12:29 p.m. Drama arose over the sale of some Girl Scout cookies.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Why are Shakespearean actors never around when you need them.

We need a Task Force to put together a Blue Ribbon Panel to commission a study and hearings, followed by a full report, on this, and we need it now!

"Kept going on his merry way"? "Blew out a tire and nailed a trashcan"? Whoever is compiling the Flathead police blotter is apparently also taking a creative writing class by mail.

As for the Girl Scouts: Just wait'll they're old enough to start terrorizing Bingo halls.

The butler did it! Isn't that the answer to the Girl Scout cookies drama, "As the Cookie Crumbles"?

Also nice to know astronaut John Glenn is being interned.

8:02 a.m. A local man stopped by the police station to report that his pistol had been stolen. Later the gun owner called police to report that he had actually just misplaced it.

Soon to be another Great Ray Stevens song!

7:16 p.m. A man driving a van peeled out of casino parking lot in Kalispell, hit the curb, blew out a tire, nailed a trashcan and then kept going.

He thought he was the EverReady Bunny?

When Girl Scout cookies are outlawed, only outlaws will have cookies.

DO they use real Girl Scouts in their cookies?

It's Girl Scout cookie season again? Already? Sheesh. It's bad enough the way garbage days roll around so quickly.

I would lay odds that it involved Gluten.

A Mid Samoan Night's Dream

^5 Clankie!

They could've made a mint over the Girl Scout cookie story, but the plot was way too thin.

From watching the movie AIRPLANE we know how girl scouts behave when they get older and break bad.

I notice there is no drama over the sale of any Boy Scout cookies...

I got pretty dramatic when I found out they no longer make the lemon sandwich cookies. They were my favorites. I got even more dramatic when I found out they cost $5.00 a box now.

High Noon on the Hungry Horse Road.

Bucks have their drama

And it isn't nacho cheese!

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