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April 09, 2017


Horrified shopper reached into a supermarket fridge for a yogurt – and grabbed a TWELVE FOOT PYTHON

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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That is one big snake.

It was visiting from Australia

Shopping for yogurt in Australia is much more exciting.

This is exactly why I don't eat yogurt.

The python is tastier.

Only if on the moon

Must have been Greek yogurt, since Medusa was in with it.

Well, at least the shopper didn't have to buy the Activia to get the effect.

A moose once bit Medusa and got stoned.

Stocking error; 12-foot pythons are supposed to be aisle 5, with pasta and tomato products.

Shouldn't they come with a leash though? Come on now, really.

Cleanup on aisles six thru twenty seven.

Well, sleeping at night is overrated anyway.

Note: The Charmin is on aisle 10.

“We have a lot of bush behind the shops and there are lots of snakes in there. We were telling people not to panic and reassuring them that it was safe. ..."

The first sentence is not how you accomplish the second.

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