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April 01, 2017


A hen who laid an egg that's heavier than a baseball is doing well, according to her owners in Echo Bay, Ont.

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby and The Perts)


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Priscilla and Foghorn finally got together?

"When we come back from a short break we will tell you how garlic and apple cider vinegar can help you recover from the lagging pain of giving birth to that giant baby you just had."

"Also, an update on that goat that ate park of a house trailer's electrical wiring in the central west end. Good thing no giant baby birth happenin' at the time over there."

"And do you like pie? We'll you don't want to miss what we have cooked up for you when we come right back."

Somewhere, the monster bacon is lurking .....

That little hen sure got a pullet surprise

The owner isn't sure which hen laid the egg. Maybe start with the one that's walking funny.

We're gonna need more grits and toast.

After a short hiatus she'll be back in her regular spot on " The View " .

The owner isn't sure which hen laid the egg. Maybe start with the one that's walking funny.

My mother's hens always cackled up a great racket whenever they'd laid an egg, and then the others started cackling, like they were all proud of themselves. In this case, I can only imagine...

I hope she shot it out fast like a pitching machine, too. PYOWWWWW!

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